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Four unique voices joining to form One Voice

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ONE VOICE is a young and vibrant girls band adding a fresh flavour to the music industry. With songs varying from up-tempo pop with a twist of rock to all-time favourite ballads, the compilation of originals and covers could be defined as intelligently tasteful and charming. The band consists of members Janke Bester, Karma Coetzer, Kalinka Kilian and Carla Strauss, all from Pretoria and Centurion. The girls started singing together in early 2018 soon realising they were the perfect vocal match with personalities and charm that keep audiences intrigued, wanting more.





Janke was able to sing even before she could talk and started with vocal lessons at the age of ten. According to the nineteen-year-old Pretorian, she has a very down-to-business personality and likes to take charge and get things done. If she had to choose a different career, she would have liked to be a designer or paramedic, because she would have liked to help people in need and also has a very creative side. Although she loves Pop, Rock and Folk music very much, Julia Michaels and Noah Kahan are credited as her biggest musical inspiration.




Karma describes herself as a shy introvert whose passion for music comes to life on stage. She is responsible for the soprano voice and harmonies in the group. In grade ten, she wrote her first song and released it on digital platforms, followed by several others. The opportunity to perform as part of a group of hand-picked singers in America is one of this animal lover’s greatest career highlights so far and she dreams of being a positive role model to her followers. This talented musician is currently studying Occupational Therapy because she would love the opportunity to help people. Karma relates to artists like Jo Black and Lauren Daigle’s spiritual music.




Kalinka discovered her passion for music as a little girl when her parents bought her a pink Barbie speaker and microphone. She was barely ten when she started with formal vocal training and since then she has also learned to play various instruments and wrote numerous songs. In her free time, this nineteen-year-old Music Technology student enjoys exercising and improving her skills as a musician. Her sense of humour and positive attitude towards life, is what motivates the rest of the group during stressful situations. Kalinka listens to a wide variety of genres and shares that she would have liked to be an occupational therapist if music was not her passion.




Carla who describes herself as the problem solver in the group, has been singing since she was in grade two and there is nothing on earth that she would rather be doing. According to this soulful eighteen-year-old it was her musician brother’s passion for what he does that made her fall in love with music. Keaton Henson is credited as the artist who has had the greatest influence on her own style and she believes that music truly has the power to change the world.

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Creating this album was no easy task and wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of some extraordinary people. First and foremost, we would like to thank God for giving us our singing talents and the opportunity to meet each other, to become not only a band but also close friends. And then to our parents, we cannot thank you enough for believing in us and for giving us the opportunity to pursue our dreams. You mean the world to us. To all of our friends and family, we would like to thank you for always cheering us on and being our biggest fans. On the more technical side of things, we would like to thank Andre Hartman for doing our vocal recordings and Ettienne D Lane for the producing and mixing of our songs. Last, but by no means least, we would like to thank Lientjie Sothmann for having the vision and courage to bring us all together and help us to grow our singing skills and to form an incredible group. Thank you for everything you have done for us, for never giving up on us and for always believing in our capabilities. To everyone mentioned, we are immensely grateful for this opportunity you have given us. We’ll do our best to make you proud.

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CELL: 083 635 4717
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